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We're giving it a go!

Posted by David Carson on
We're giving it a go!

We're kinda lit on this new phase of The New Stand. 

So far we've created 3 amazing stores in New York City. Each one unique in location, audience, and in what it curates and sells. In that tradition, we're branching out to create a brand new store that is every bit as unique. We're launching a new store online.

And while the idea of a store "online" is not a new idea, this first incarnation will be a prototype of a new way for Members to get at us, as well as opening up our doors to a wider audience outside of NYC.

We'll be incorporating what we learn here into the Membership App. In January you will see all new "Buy Cards" that will give Members the ability to buy directly from the app and have their products shipped to their front door (or wherever you damn well please).

We've been plotting patiently to get to this next phase and we couldn't be more stoked to get it going. We'll learn a lot and we will be selling some amazing exclusives along the way, like our collaboration with Rochambeau and Evrything to bring you the Limited Edition BRGHT BMBR jacket.

More to come. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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