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Electric Skateboard

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100% brand new. High quality prop.38 Inch, only 12 lbs weight, which is easy to pick up and carry around at school, work, and home without finger soreness.

Dual 500W x 2 brushless motor and premium samsung lithium ion battery pack (36V) allows skateboard to go up to max speed 17 MPH and max range 7 miles for a single charge.Don’t get stuck with the other guys’ cheap, flimsy double-sided tape.

Remote control back and forward with 2 riding modes makes it safe and easy to ride even with zero experience.

Canadian maple deck flex increases stability at higher speed, especially when uphill and downhill. Size 83mm Hardness 85A polyurethane wheels ensure strong grip ability and durability, also provide us more safety and comfortable.

if you are not completely satisfied, just return your board and we'll issue a full refund. We provide a whole year quality warranty. Maxfind is a famous brand. Any questions, please feel free to contact us.


    Product description



    - 38 Inch, only 12 lbs weight

    - Dual 500W x 2 brushless motor and premium samsung lithium ion battery

    Size 83mm Hardness 85A polyurethane 

    What's in the box?

    1X Electric skateboard

    1X Wireless Remote Controller

    1x Instruct Manual

    1X Maintain Tool Kit

    1X Chager for the skateboard and remote



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