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Tony Moly Super Food Mask Set


Replenish, hydrate, and boost tired skin with this superfood mask set.

Product Details:
Includes 6 single-use face masks:

I’m Cactus Sheet Mask: extract calms, soothes, purifies and hydrates the skin,
leaving a clear and healthy complexion.

I’m Honey Sheet Mask: honey infused water-type essence
provides hydration and nourishment for glowing skin.

I’m Green Tea Sheet Mask: Green tea essence
refreshes, brightens, and purifies the skin.

I'm Aloe Sheet Mask: Aloe extract & water based essence
provides maximum hydration for skin.

I’m Peach Sheet Mask: Natural Peach extract revives dull
skin for a healthy complexion.

I'm Coconut Sheet Mask : Vitamin E and Coconut Extract
removes dirt and revitalizes the skin.


6 single-use face masks